Nya / 明游


At the age of 5, Nya held her first calligraphy brush. By the time she was 15 years old, Nya had been awarded scholarships and certified at the highest rank of shodō, the Japanese art of calligraphy.

Nya’s specialty is in creating astounding works that are rich with delicate, yet dynamic details. From basic script to ancient characters dating back 3,000 years, she masterfully guides her brush fluidly between and across a multitude of distinct forms. The foundation of Nya’s work is built upon traditional shodō, with much of her calligraphy having classical roots. Once her pieces were introduced to the world via social media, they summoned a flood of requests and wide acclaim.

Informed by “ma”, the uniquely Japanese philosophy of negative space, Nya pursues beauty in the margins and spatial design, and conveys it through concepts of stillness and motion.

Driven by the desire to spread the charm of shodō throughout the world, Nya offers original works to diverse clients globally.

第82回 謙慎書道会展において「特選謙慎賞」受賞
第83回 謙慎書道会展において「推薦顧問賞」受賞
第37回 読売書法展において「秀逸」受賞
第84回 謙慎書道会展において「特選謙慎賞」受賞
第38回 読売書法展において「秀逸」受賞
第9回 日展において入選
才幹書院 常任理事に昇格
グループ展(GALLERY CONCEPT 21/東京表参道)
グループ展(+ART GALLERY/東京渋谷スクランブルスクエア)
グループ展(名古屋栄三越特選画廊 /名古屋)